The ‘Expressing’ kourse with Sketchbook Skool ended last week and the final week was taught by my friend Michael Nobbs. I had been really looking forward to Michael’s klass and it didn’t disappoint.

Michael encouraged us to go on regular ‘tiny adventures’ to the same place, either at home or somewhere outside, with the intention of exploring our surroundings quite deeply. He suggested working in small steps (which suits me perfectly) but with the idea that we could still produce some big art at the end of the week.


My tiny adventures took place in a park close to where I live and I visited the same spot over 4 days. I noticed how the time of day, the weather and the day of the week affected the atmosphere there and I wrote down all the things that I noticed seeing and hearing.


During my first tiny adventure I made some scribbly sketches of the fountain in the park and the fish in the pond. On all my visits to the park I took lots and lots of photos on my phone and used some of them to make some digital drawings when I got home.

Person copy_resized

I made a drawing of one of the people from the park but unlike my other people drawings I made this one digital, which was fun.

Big Art

At the end of the weekend I used a site called Rasterbator to enlarge my drawings, printed them out and used them to cheer up the boring inside of a cupboard door in my flat. It’s a really awkward spot to get a clear photo of but get the idea! You can also see some photos and other drawings I made for this klass) on my Instagram.

What I enjoyed about Michael’s klass was the mixture of exploring, drawing and then getting a bit more ‘crafty’ in creating, cutting out and assembling some big art work, all while working at a gentle pace in tiny steps.