Creative Links 54: Strolling, Wasting Time, and the Present Moment

Reading on a bench

Each week I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed reading, looking at or listening to online. Here’s my selection for this week:

Sketching My Lunch

Watercolour sketch of salad ingredients

This week I’ve been learning more about watercolours at Sketchbook Skool in Felix Scheinberger‘s klass.

I have a great book by Felix which is all about watercolours but it’s much more inspiring and motivating to be able to see him ‘in action’ in the SBS videos.

The homework assignment was to draw our lunch using watercolour. I picked some of the ingredients I’d used to make a salad that day and drew them from observation. I made the mistake of starting to draw mid-afternoon a few days ago, which meant that, since it’s winter, before I’d finished, I’d run out of natural light and was sitting in my dining room trying to add the final touches pretty much in the dark!

Just before I wrote this blog post this morning I had another look at the drawing and still wasn’t happy with the spinach leaves so went back over them and feel more satisfied with that now. I have just noticed that there’s an errant chickpea with no shadow but i kind of like it like that now so this drawing is done.


Creative Links 53: Creating, Sketching Helsinki and Stillness


Every (well, most!) weeks I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed online. Here’s my choice for this week – enjoy!

  • If you enjoy drawing, cooking, sewing, writing or anything that involves creating, then I think you’ll appreciate the sentiment in Karie’s post about The Joy of Making Stuff.
  • As you may know, I have a special fondness for Finland, especially Helsinki, so I really enjoyed being reminded of the city through Justin’s lovely urban sketches. I think they give a lovely feel for Helsinki, particularly in the way he’s captured the colours.
  • I always enjoy seeing behing the scenes of other people’s creative lives and hearing about how they organise their time and work, so I was really interested to read what my pal Joy finds useful when it comes to having a Good, Creative Day.
  • I’ve had a slow start to 2016 and over the past 2 weeks I’ve had quite a lot of what my friend Michael Nobbs would call ‘treacle days’. This means I’ve been doing a lot of sitting, and it just so happened that Michael recently wrote a very timely (for me) post about The Power of Sitting Still.
  • I’ve been using some of my lengthy periods of sitting and lying down to do some mindfulness meditation so these tips for understanding the mind from Leo Babauta have been really interesting and a good reminder that meditation isn’t always easy or peaceful.

A Day in the Life Infographic

Day in the life infographic

I got a bit behind with Sketchbook Skool last week so I finished my assignment for Jill’s klass on Monday. It was a tiny accordion book, which you can have a look at on my Instagram. I also took an impromptu week off blogging because Continue reading

Creative Links 52: Solitude vs Loneliness, Finding Consolation in Art and a Watercolour Watch

Empty parade of shops