ME Awareness Day 2017

Today is M.E Awareness Day. M.E (sometimes known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or C.F.S) is a physical illness that I've lived with for around 12 years. It's a relapsing and remitting illness but the

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My Current Daily Art Kit

DailyArtkit At the moment I'm working on the 365 Days to a Portfolio Project, which involves making 3 illustrations each week, and my 100 Days of Hand Lettering, which I do every single day. I usually combine the 2 when they overlap just to make life a bit easier, but it's a lot of work. And because I didn't have enough going on (!) I'm also taking the latest Sketchbook Skool klass as well, which lasts 5 weeks. I'm sharing my work every day on social media so I thought I'd explain here a bit more about

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