New Art Supplies: Fred Aldous

Art supplies

I first discovered Fred Aldous when I was using Copic markers on my daily people drawings, because they sold the colours I wanted at really good prices. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a ‘real life’ Fred Aldous shop in London (if there is, let me know!) but that just means that I spend a lot of time browsing their website.

I stocked up on a few new things recently and thought I’d let you know what I bought. Incidentally, Continue reading

Etsy Shop: New London Themed Notecards!

London Notecards

Today I wanted to let you know that I have 7 brand new notecards for sale in my Etsy shop. Each one features a London landmark or well-known British cultural icon. They are approximately 6 x 4 inches and are blank inside so you can use them for a special occasion or just to write and say hello to someone. Have a look and let me know which one is your favourite.


73 Days of Pattern Making


I’m 73 days into the 100 Day Project, during which (if you didn’t already know) I’m creating a pattern every day for 100 days in my pocket watercolour Moleskine sketchbooks. Today is day 74 but before I make a start on my pattern for today I thought I’d share what I’ve created so far all in one place. Continue reading

7 Places to Find Inspiration for a Daily Creative Project


As you probably know, I’m taking part in the 100 Day Project at the moment, which basically involves choosing a creative project to work on every single day for 100 days.

I’m creating a pattern every day in a pocket-sized Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. This is the longest daily project I’ve worked on and I’m about half way through it so I thought I’d share a few tips for how to find and keep note of ideas.

Although my ways of finding inspiration have been about finding and creating patterns but I hope that you’ll be able to apply some of my ideas to other creative projects too.

Sometimes I won’t know what pattern I’m going to make until I sit down and start doing it but sometimes I just get stuck, and that’s when it can be helpful to have a bank of inspiration to pull from.

So the main places I’ve been getting ideas are: Continue reading