Sketchbook Patterns and Craving Structure

Watercolour background and ink drawing

Since I finished my last 30 day project I’ve felt like the fear of the blank page has crept back in a little bit. I’m missing having some kind of structure to the creative work I do and without it I put off doing any at all, or somehow convince myself that I can’t do it because everyone else is so much better at drawing or taking photographs than I am.

So today I decided to more “Sketchbook Patterns and Craving Structure”

Creative Links #12: Routine, Idling and Finding Time for Ourselves


I’ve decided that from today I’m going to take a one week holiday from blogging and I’ll start posting again from 9th March.

In the meantime, here are some links I thought were worth sharing. I hope you find something you enjoy.

Daily Routine #6: Hair

Coloured rawing of hairdryer, hair tie and grip (hair pin)

Washing and drying my hair isn’t part of my daily routine – I usually do that every other day – but obviously I do something with my hair every day. So if it’s not being washed and dried it’ll simply be tied up with a bobble, or some of it will be pinned back with a hair grip.