March Favourites 2018


In the same vein as beauty bloggers, and inspired by Frannerd, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favourite things each month, starting with a handful of the things I enjoyed during March.

  1. Winsor and Newton Flesh tint gouache paint
  2. The Making Obama podcast (and before this the Making Oprah podcast)
  3. Quinoa porridge
  4. The new Seawhite of Brighton Watercolour Travel Journal
  5. Season 1 of This is Us on Amazon Prime

31 Painted Patterns

In January I joined in with Lisa Congdon‘s brand new CreativeBug class. A couple of years ago she taught a class on CreativeBug which was a daily drawing challenge. This new class was similar but instead of making a drawing each day we created a painted pattern. As you know, I love making patterns and I’m a big fan of Lisa’s work so this was right up my street . I also really enjoyed getting more familiar with gouache paint.

Here are the 31 patterns I made this month.

A Lesson in Patience


I did this drawing on Saturday while I was away in Bath. It’s the sugar bowl from the kitchen in the flat I stayed in and it reminded me of Liz Steel‘s patterned tea cup drawings so I decided to sketch it. The only art materials I’d taken with me were my sketchbook, a pen and a pencil so I added colour to this drawing yesterday once I was home.

Although watercolour dries really fast in this sketchbook, it didn’t dry quite as quickly as I thought, hence the pink-ish smudges on the right hand side. A sweet reminder to be patient when watching paint dry.