Creative Links #17: 10 of My Favourite Sketchbook Artists and Their Blogs

Pens and Sketchbook

Each week I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed online. This week I decided to share links to blogs by some of my favourite sketchbook artists. These are all people who regularly draw in sketchbooks, documenting their lives in all kinds of different ways.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list and my plan is to share new lists of favourite blogs in the future. For now I hope you enjoy exploring these:

  1. I mention him and his work a lot so it makes sense that Danny Gregory is the first on this list. His blog isn’t just about sharing his drawings, he also writes about creativity and promotes his other work (books and online courses).
  2. Koosje Koene is a Dutch artist who lives in Amsterdam and along with Danny Gregory, founded Sketchbook Skool. She shares images from her art journals, and videos demonstrating techniques and ideas for how to make art. She also offers a few different online classes that I keep meaning to try out.
  3. Prashant Miranda is an artist who documents his life and travels in his art journals and is a great example of someone who makes art every single day.
  4. Another artist I’ve mentioned before is Tommy Kane, who is based in New York and again, documents his life and travels in his sketchbook. Tommy often spends hours on a single drawing, making sure to record even the tiniest details in his distinctive style.
  5. For the past 2 or 3 years I’ve been in awe of France Belleville Van Stone‘s artwork. She is a high school teacher and author, and draws every day in her sketchbook or on her iPad, even if she only has a few minutes to spare.
  6. Lapin is a French illustrator, living in Barcelona and Paris, who uses old ledgers and accounting books as his sketchbooks.
  7. Another sketchbook artist who I’ve mentioned a few times before is Liz Steel, an architect who lives in Sydney and draws (amongst other things) her three loves – buildings, tea and cake.
  8. Roz Stendahl is an artist, graphic designer, teacher and book binder. Her sketchbooks contain drawings of animals, lots of experimentation with different media, as well as notes and ideas. On her blog she also shares in-depth reviews of art resources.
  9. Jean Christophe Defline is an artist who records his travels in detail in his sketchbooks and these drawings often form the basis of the book covers he draws, which are influenced by Herg√©’s Tin Tin books.
  10. Cathy Johnson is a prolific watercolour artist, who, among other things, teaches online classes, has illustrated and authored books and shares snippets of her own life in her blog posts. She loves nature and a lot (although not all) of her work reflects that.

Love it or Hate it?


This drawing’s one I did back in the summer. I drew it around the same time that I did one of a red and blue bowl (I’ll have to share that one another time), which was for Liz Steel‘s klass in Sketchbook Skool. I basically used what she’d taught us about line and colour (which she demonstrated by drawing a tea-cup) to sketch and colour this Marmite jar.

Incidentally I hate Marmite, how about you?

Nature Sketch

Watercolour landscape

This is another Sketchbook Skool drawing from a few weeks ago. I’ve still not made it out to do an architecture drawing for Liz Steel‘s klass (I will at some point) but this one is a nature sketch I did when Cathy Johnson was teaching us.

I did this from a photograph that I took (but didn’t post on here) at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The bit on the right hand side is just a section of the facing page that the scanner caught. Cathy recommended playing around with all the different greens, yellows and blues in our palettes so we had a reference point for the main drawing and it was (and still is) very handy to have that.

I resized this picture before posting it, as I do with all the images on here but with this one you can click on it and see the higher-res version on my Flickr stream if you’re interested.