2 Hand Lettered Pages

Handlettered quote from Marianne Williamson

A brand new ‘kourse’ at started at Sketchbook Skool last Friday so I’ve spent this week looking at fonts and creating some hand-lettered pages in my sketchbooks, which I thought I’d share here.

The first was the homework assignment for SBS and is a quote that I originally thought (along with a many people it seems) was from more “2 Hand Lettered Pages”

The Ordinary and Everyday


I mentioned last week that as the days have been getting cooler and darker, I’ve found myself slowing down a bit too. Some days more than others, but in general at this time of year I seem to do less drawing and take fewer photos.

That said, I’m still trying to stay creative most days, and often (but not always) that does involve drawing. Today I wanted to draw but more “The Ordinary and Everyday”