Colourful Doodles on a Slow Day

DOuble page spread in sketchbook solid coloured circles

Yesterday was one of those days that started out OK but it quickly became apparent that I didn’t have as much energy floating around as I thought. So after a quick trip to the shops and railway station I came home and put my feet up for the whole afternoon.

I could have got myself up to date with Boot Kamp but I actually felt like doodling so I went with that instead, while I watched a film.

I kept going with this one for most of the evening and put the finishing touches to it when I got up this morning.

I’m still trying to decide whether it’s finished or if I want to add some black line work to it. I’m tempted to just leave this one as it is and maybe do black line work on a future page.

This is a double page spread in my A5 Leuchtturm sketchbook, using Staedtler felt tip pens. The Lecuhtturm works really well with pens because the paper’s so smooth and really thick so there’s no bleed through.