Making a Sketchbook

Over the past couple of months I’ve not done very much drawing. Partly because my energy’s been very low for a lot of the time and partly because I felt that I needed to do some different things after drawing every day for the 100 Day Project.

Even so I’ve still been working on some creative projects and one of them was learning some basic bookbinding. I’d made a simple accordion book but nothing more complicated than that.

The method I used is the one shown in a video by Pear Fleur on Youtube and it’s reasonably straightforward, although you have to be careful not to tangle the thread as you sew. I also found it difficult to stitch the book while it was on a shelf because I needed to be able to see where to insert the needle when going from the inside to the outside. So I rigged up a (much less stable) contraption, using a dining chair and the edge of the table.

I used a single sheet of Stillman and Birn Beta paper (22×30 inches), some string, some cotton sewing thread and PVA glue. For the cover I glued some wrapping paper onto 2 pieces of greyboard that I had left over from a parcel I’d received. So I already had everything I needed.

I don’t think it’s study enough to hold up to being carried around in my bag but I do like that the pages lie pretty flat when it’s open.

I’ve since bought a basic little bookbinding starter kit so maybe I’ll try some other bookbinding methods soon.


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