2017 in Pictures

I remembered the other day that at least once in the past I’ve created a blog post at this time of year showing a photo from each month as a sort of review. Although I haven’t made much time this year just for taking photographs I still had a lot on my phone and in my camera so I thought I’d share one from each month – most of which I haven’t shared before –  to round off the year.

There’s also a little update at the end of this post so don’t miss that!


Emirates Airline January 2017


Barbican Centre February 2017


Barbican March 2017


Squirrel April 2017


County Hall May 2017


St Dunstan in the East June 2017


Liberty of London July 2017


Rose August 2017


Gothenburg September 2017


Still Life Copenhagen October 2017


St Paul's One New Change November 2017


Wentworth Park December 2017

From midnight tonight (New Year’s Eve 2017) there’s going to be a big sale in my Etsy shop. Everything’s included apart from digital downloads, so the special deals I’m already offering on prints and cards will be discounted even further.

I won’t be replacing anything that sells out because I’m planning on creating some brand new products for my shop in 2018. You can bookmark your favourites before January 1st to make it easier to find them once the sale begins.

2 thoughts on “2017 in Pictures

  1. Judy C Reply

    Super photographs Cathryn. I have to ask: where are the cable cars? It looks a rather English urban landscape, but do we have cable cars anywhere that doesn’t involve mountains and snow?? Also the last photo? I tried zooming in on the notice but couldn’t make out more than “Public Footpath”…! Thanks so much. 😊

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Hi Judy! The cable cars are in London and go across the Thames out near Greenwich and the O2. They’re known as the ‘Emirates Airline’ and are part of Transport for London so people can use their Oyster card to pay for their fare. The last photo is from Wentworth, which is a tiny village a few minutes drive from where I grew up in South Yorkshire. This particular photo is of one of the paths through the Gun Park at Wentworth Woodhouse, which is a huge country house. It has a fascinating history so I’d recommend reading about it if you get the chance. An interesting fact about it is that it also has the longest facade of any country home in Europe. 🙂

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