Sketching Buildings, and Last Week’s Giveaway


First things first. This morning I assigned a number to everyone who entered the competition to win this flower painting and using a random number generator online I selected the winner, Caterina Maestri, who entered the giveaway through Instagram. As soon as I hear from her I’ll be popping this in the post to her.


In other news, I signed up for an online drawing class which started yesterday and runs for 6 weeks. It’s Liz Steel‘s latest course, called SketchingNow Buildings. As the name suggests, it’s all about learning skills that are helpful when drawing architecture.


We’ve started off this week practising line work and drawing boxes, which probably sounds simpler than it actually was! It really helped me to start noticing angles and the relationships between objects more. I have some more exercises to work on today and my plan is to get outside tomorrow to draw some real life architecture for the main assignment.

I really enjoyed the Sketchbook Skool class that Liz taught so I’m confident that I’m going to learn a lot (and enjoy myself!) over the next 6 weeks.


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