Winding Down in Crete


A couple of weeks ago me and my husband spent a week in Crete, which is the largest and southern-most of the Greek islands.


The village where we stayed was a few miles from the sea and extremely quiet, so a really good place to rest and relax.



Most days we spent lounging around at the house where we were staying, occasionally wandering down the road past the olive trees in search of food, either from the local shop or a taverna.


When you mention Greek islands I think a lot of people picture in their minds white-washed houses with blue window frames, but in reality the architecture varies depending on which group of islands you go to.



Crete has a lot of Venetian history, which is maybe most obvious in Chania, where we spent one afternoon. The small winding streets and sandy coloured buildings could easily be mistaken for somewhere in Italy.



It was a busy town and a great place to walk around, take lots of photos and see the sea up close. But it was also nice to retreat back to our house, where we could listen to the sheep and goats bleating, the birds chirping and the occasional dog barking.


View to the Sea

My sketchbook also did quite well out of this holiday. I continued with my daily pattern drawings while I was away, as well as sketching the view from our balcony and some of the food we bought. I also left a drawing in the visitors book for our lovely hosts, and I’ll share some of my travel sketches here soon.


2 thoughts on “Winding Down in Crete

  1. Jenny Watson Reply

    Makes me want to visit 🙂

  2. Aunty Ann Reply

    Lovely memories of Crete. I went with uncle Brian many years ago. Love the pictures

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