Creative Links 49: Sharing Art, Junk Drawers and a Taxi Driver


Every week I share Watercolour Palettea few links to things I’ve enjoyed online recently. Here’s this week’s selection – enjoy!

  • The Sketchbook Skool blog has some ideas for ways you can share the art that you make over the festive season.
  • Earlier this year I ordered a copy of Frannerd’s Perfect Tree Shapes travel journal only to find that her Etsy shop closed before my order could be taken. Anyway, this week her shop is back, I’ve (re)placed my order and I’d recommend having a look at the products and artwork she has for sale over there.
  • There’s at least one in every home but I love how Jil Weinstock is celebrating the contents of people’s junk drawers. It actually reminds me of (and has a very similar title to) the Things Organized Neatly blog.
  • I loved how this taxi driver combined his daily work with his love for photography.
  • I’m always in awe of Liz Steel’s work and pace of working too, so it was really interesting to read about her current daily routine/rhythm.

(P.S. I’ll be sharing two posts as usual next week. After that I’m taking a break until early January but I’ll still be sharing things most days on Twitter and Instagram in the meantime.)

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