Creative Links 46: Mini Videos, Self-care and the Big Secret Behind Drawing

Coloured Pencils

Every week I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed watching, looking at, listening to or reading online.

By the way, I’m currently toying with the idea of stopping my weekly links when I reach 50 posts and perhaps making it a monthly round-up instead. Let me know if you think this is a good/bad idea. I’d also love to hear from you if you have suggestions of things you’d like to see from me here – I’m all ears!

Anyway, for now at least, here’s my selection for this week and I hope you enjoy!

  • A few weeks ago in one of these posts I shared a link to Xanthe Berkeley’s blog and the mini time capsule videos she creates. My friend, and talented writer, Milo saw this and decided to use his video-making skills to create some lovely weekly time capsule videos of his own. To see his most recent videos check his Instagram out (you don’t need to have an Instagram account to see them).
  • The holiday/Christmas season is fast approaching¬† and no matter what you do at this time of year, you’ll probably find something useful among Courtney Carver’s suggestions of how to take care of yourself.
  • Danny Gregory shares some more from his latest book Art Before Breakfast and explains the ‘secret’ to being able to draw.
  • Jodi Wiley has an exhibition coming up in Montsalvat, Australia but she has still been sketching regularly, and shared a few pages from her sketchbooks on her blog this week.
  • While I was in Spain recently, I saw lots of photos on Instagram from Lisa Congdon’s travels around Portugal and Spain. On her blog you can see some of her beautiful sketchbook spreads from her adventures.

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