Early Inktober

6 ink drawings

So far I’ve drawn a picture each day for Inktober. Whether that will last, I don’t know but this is what I’ve got so far. 6 drawings, all done directly in ink, all black and white, some drawn from photos, others from ‘real life’.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve not set myself a ‘theme’ for this month and the lack of ‘boundaries’ feels a bit too much sometimes. It makes getting down to drawing a bit more difficult but I’m going with it for now and seeing what happens.

Are you ‘Inktober-ing’? How are you getting on so far?

(P.S. I’m taking a holiday soon, so this week is my last week of posting on Tuesday and Friday. Rather than just stop abruptly, I’m taking a tip from Michael Nobbs and easing gradually into my break. That means that next week I’ll post on Tuesday but not on Friday and then I’ll take a full week’s break (with no blog posts) before easing back in with one post on 30 October. From 2 November I’ll be back to twice a week blogging. Hope that makes sense!)

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