An Imaginary Book Cover

Coloured book cover of 2 people in New York

Here’s the bigger homework I did for Jean-Christophe Defline‘s Sketchbook Skool klass. The homework was to design a book cover, either for a book that you like or for some kind of imaginary book that doesn’t exist at the moment.

When we went to New York earlier this year I had intentions of doing lots of sketching while we were there. I bought a tiny sketchbook and planned to fill most of it over the course of the week. But I didn’t. I didn’t do any drawing at all. I spent my time either taking photos, walking around and looking at things or resting in the hotel room.

So I decided that my book cover would be inspired by my trip and I used the photographs I took as reference points to put this drawing together. My idea was that this would be a replacement for the travel sketchbook that I didn’t make, or perhaps the cover for the travel sketchbook if I had made it (if that makes sense!) – the sketchbook that never was.

I also decided that, just as Jean-Christophe uses the Tintin book covers for inspiration I would loosely base the layout of this cover on the covers for the hardback copies of the Moomin comic strips.

Rough sketch of a book cover

I started out with  a couple of rough sketches. This one was the second one I did and the most detailed. I actually sketched it in HB pencil but when I scanned it it was barely visible so I adjusted it in Picasa so you can actually see it.

I traced a few of the details from this sketch using tracing paper and added a few more as I went along before transferring the traced drawing into my sketchbook. I outlined it in Copic Multiliner 0.3, used a Copic BS brush pen for the black coat and the lamp post and the rest is watercolour paint.

There are a few things I’d change if I did this again and some corrections I’d make but otherwise I’m quite pleased and really enjoyed doing this drawing.

6 thoughts on “An Imaginary Book Cover

  1. Dale Reply

    I love it! The most iconic images of New York are found on one page (and I kind of like that you didn’t use the cliché of Times Square….)

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      I didn’t actually go to Times Square, even though it was just round the corner from where we were staying! I saw it from a distance but decided to head back to the hotel at that point so I could save some energy for the following day :).

  2. Shirley Reply

    Wonderful composite of New York City – my home town!!

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks Shirley. You being a New Yorker makes the compliment even greater :).

  3. Darlene Campbell Reply

    I’m in my 3rd session of SS. Isn’t it divine. Your book cover is wonderful. Don’t know how I missed seeing this at SS. Cheers-Darlene

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks Darlene. I think it’s easy to miss quite a lot of posts on the SBS site. There are just so many and it gets updated regularly so I’m sure I haven’t seen half of the work people on there have done. I’m also in my 3rd session and I agree, it’s really really good. I think during the gap between this klass and the (hopefully) next one, I’ll head back through some of the homeworks from semester 1 that I didn’t finish the first time round.

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