Little People

Black and white drawings of 3 people

This week’s teacher at Sketchbook Skool was Jean-Christophe Defline. Jean-Christophe lives in Paris and he draws book covers inspired by the Tintin books to illustrate the adventures he (known as Flinflin) has with his wife and children.

He set us 2 homeworks and this is the first. It was a little warm up drawing in preparation for a bigger, second homework where we drew small sketches of people from photographs. Jean-Christophe suggested using a pen that wasn’t too fine to avoid getting bogged down in details. Each figure should take no more than about 15-20 minutes.

Because I knew what the next homework was going to be and I’d already started having some ideas for it, I used some of my photographs from my trip to New York and drew some of the people from those. First in pencil and then in 0.5 Copic Multiliner and a Copic BS brush pen for to fill in the darker areas.

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