MATS Bootcamp: Sylvia Pankhurst


In March our MATS Bootcamp assignment was to create a portrait of a Suffragette and my Suffragette was Sylvia Pankhurst. I’d never heard of her before but she was one of Emmeline Pankhurst’s daughters.

Sylvia was born in Manchester but spent a lot of time working in east London, championing the working class, who she saw as instrumental in bringing about real change in terms of voting rights. This was one of the things created tension between her and her mother, and her older sister Christabel. Eventually Sylvia became estranged from her family after having a child outside of marriage.

In the 1950s she moved to Ethiopia after becoming friends with Haile Selassie, and she is buried in Addis Ababa.

How Limitations Can Sometimes Be Helpful


Today I finished my ‘self assignment’ to draw a face a day for 30 days. Looking back through all the drawings, it feels like a very long time since I started this little project.

One thing I noticed was that this project felt a lot easier than some of the other times I’ve tried to draw every day. I’ve taken part in Drawing August over the past 2 years, which sometimes felt a bit stressful. At other times I’ve more “How Limitations Can Sometimes Be Helpful”

Creative Links #14: Daily Habits, Creative Projects, Why You Should Draw and What If…?

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