MATS Bootcamp: Book Cover

Until the end of May I’m taking part in the MATS Bootcamp run by illustration agent, Lilla Rogers. I really enjoy learning new things and feel that there’s always room for my work to develop. We’re given a new assignment to work on each month, which starts with a ‘mini’ warm-up assignment before the main assignment comes out. In January we started by drawing the contents of our bags.

The main assignment was to create a cover for a children’s book, showing what we imagined a particular well-known person/character might carry with them. There were 12 different people (fictional and real life) assigned to the group and I had the task of illustrating what I imagined Lilla Rogers (the agent running the class) might carry in her bag.

It was a challenge and it was also interesting to see so many different styles and approaches to the same assignment. The gallery of our work is now public so you can have a look at the full range of work on the MATS website.

Drawing: New Bag

Coloured drawing of a grey zipped bag

I’m drawing most days now, although I’ve not been sticking religiously to working through any one book.

I keep dipping into The Creative License (which I’ve now bought a copy of) for ideas and yesterday I found my copy of Dan Price‘s ‘How to Make a Journal of Your Life‘, which I’ve had for ages and is good for inspiration.

It’s also quite fitting for me as it’s about using not only drawing, but also photography and other means to record your every day life.

The photos and the drawings will keep appearing, and for now here’s a drawing of my new bag that I bought last week.