Drawings and Reflections from August


I still haven’t managed to get my energy levels back on an even keel since the end of the 100 Day Project (this is life with M.E sometimes!) so I was appreciated the slower pace for the 365 project over the summer. I created one new illustration each week rather than 3 and enjoyed being able to take my time with each one.

As you can see, I made 2 new repeat patterns (one of my favourite things to create nowadays), a simple fish illustration and a self portrait.

As well as these 4 pieces I made an illustrated map of the City of London, which you can see on They Draw and Travel.


Now September’s here and I’m back to creating 3 new illustrations each week. Since my energy’s in short supply I’m experimenting with ways to keep things as simple as possible to avoid overwhelming and exhausting myself.

Right now I’m planning on sticking to my paper sketchbook and avoiding doing too much digital work. Digitising my work is fun but it can be really time-consuming for lots of reasons so cutting out that stage feels like a good plan right now. I may even use a pocket-sized sketchbook for some of my illustrations, just to keep things really simple.

Do you find it helpful to keep your work process simple and straightforward or do you prefer to spend lots of time on a piece of work?

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New Winter Greetings Cards and Original Art

Hats and Mittens card

Today I’m really pleased to let you know that I have 2 new items available to purchase in my Etsy shop. First of all is a winter-themed greetings card featuring a watercolour illustration I recently made of mittens and hats. It’s a card that’s perfect for Christmas or any other winter holiday, although since it’s blank inside you could use it for any greeting throughout winter.

Rainbow stripe art

There is also another piece of original art available to buy. I’ve recently started making original watercolour artwork based on my 100 patterns from earlier this year. Last week I sold an orange geometric watercolour pattern and now I have this rainbow watercolour artwork. Since it’s original art rather than a print there is only one available so don’t miss out!

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