Relearning (yet again!) the Importance of Self Care

Right now I'm in the middle of an M.E crash. I think it had been threatening for a while but I kept ignoring (or not even noticing) the signs, which never works out well! Sunday was probably the worst day and it was probably the worst my symptoms have been in a very long time. I really started to notice that I wasn't feeling well about a week ago, which is right when I finished the 100 Day Project. In retrospect,

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ME Awareness Day 2017

Today is M.E Awareness Day. M.E (sometimes known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or C.F.S) is a physical illness that I've lived with for around 12 years. It's a relapsing and remitting illness but the

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Millions Missing

Watercolour drawing of brown shoes brogues This is a slightly different post from my usual ones but I hope you'll bear with me and that you find something useful or interesting here. Today is a global day of protest called 'Millions Missing', for people (like me) who live with the illness known as M.E/C.F.S. The idea behind it is to

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