Wentworth Woodhouse

I spent this past weekend with my family back in Yorkshire. On Monday we went for a short walk through the park where Wentworth Woodhouse sits, which is very close to where I grew up. The house used to be owned by the local authority but has been privately owned for some time now. The [...]

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Today #2: Stop, Start

I probably should call this one 'Yesterday and Today'. I started taking photographs of my day yesterday morning and my camera battery went flat so I ended up leaving it to charge for the rest of the day and took some more photos this morning. So after a bit of a stop-start, this is from [...]

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Today #1: Potting Plants and Meditating

In-keeping with my June photo project, a few photographs to capture some of the moments in my everyday life. Today: potting up new plants that arrived in the post, reading the next chapter in my Mindfulness book and doing the Body Scan meditation & a quote from Judith van der Giesson in the latest copy [...]

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