How Memories and Realisations Can be Sparked by a Single Drawing

Bedside table sketch

Almost every day I draw something in my sketchbook, and if I don’t do that I’ll probably be colouring a drawing in Photoshop or, more recently, carving lino to make a rubber stamp.

I’d always intended to study art, design or photography at university but, although I studied fine art and art history up to A level, I did a degree in Theology and Religious Studies.

I became a school teacher, but I didn’t teach art. Even so, I would use (more…)

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Seasonal Slow Down

Candle drawing

Last week I posted in a Facebook drawing group that I’m a member of to ask if anyone felt as though they slow down when the weather turns colder and the days get darker.

Over the past few months I’ve been drawing every single day without much effort, but once Inktober was over I decided to ease off for a while, assuming I’d get back to drawing every day quite soon. But what I’ve noticed is that I’ve just slowed right down. I’ve not done much drawing and haven’t taken many photos either. (more…)

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Blue Skies

St Paul's Cathedral

It wasn’t quite as cold outside as I would have liked today. My favourite winter days are chilly but sunny. Cold enough that you need to wrap up warm (preferably a bit frosty) but not so cold that you can’t bear walking around outside (not that it’s ever that cold here). Even so, I still went to a cafe and forced down a hot chocolate. It’s still winter after all.

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Personal History: My Old Home

Watercolour drawing of house


So much for catching up with Boot Kamp! I’m still behind but am OK with that. This sketch was for an assignment on personal histories. I chose to use Google Street View to draw the house that I grew up in.

I lived here until the age of 19 and since then it’s only really changed a little bit. The house itself looks the same. One difference is the gate on the driveway, which wasn’t there when I lived there. Otherwise, there used to be a flower bed in the centre of the front lawn with a blossom tree planted in it, a bush growing under the front window and a holly bush in one corner of the garden next to the drive. Oh, and the front door was different too. Other than that, it all looks very familiar to me.

If anything, the adjoining house next door seems to have changed more than my old home but I didn’t have enough space to draw that one too!


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Back to Yoga Class

Drawing of feet, purple yoga mat

I’ve picked a drawing from the beginning of this year for this post. I’ll probably still make a new drawing at some point later today but I wanted to post something before then and I don’t think I’ve shared this one before.

I’ve spent a big chunk of the last few weeks feeling either very tired or a bit ill. I wasn’t sure if it was the M.E, another cold/virus or a bit of both. Whatever it was, I needed to rest quite a lot and even when my naturally stubborn nature tried to push through, my body just wasn’t having any of it so, rest it was.

Among other things, that meant that I missed my weekly yoga class for about 3 weeks. I’ve been going to the same place roughly once a week to do yoga for about 4 years now.

Because my energy’s usually in short supply that class is a sort of cornerstone of my week. It gives me an opportunity to be out among other, like-minded people and now, familiar faces. I have a couple of other things that I do regularly each week that give me some structure and interaction with others but my yoga class is the one I’ve been doing for the longest.

Once a week I make time for myself, where for one hour I just focus on the present moment, away from any distractions at home and it gives me a physical and a psychological boost.

I’ve noticed that when I have a break from it for a while, I gradually start to find myself feeling a bit more stressed or anxious. Sometimes that creeps up on me so, although today’s class was the last one until January, it was good to feel well enough to go back and just ‘be’ for a while again.

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