House Sketch and a Question

Duibh Oilean House Ireland

I’m not sure exactly how or why but I’m a bit behind with the assignments for SketchingNow Buildings with Liz. Thankfully we have long-term access to all the course materials so I’m hoping to get caught up over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I thought I’d share this sketch which was another one that I did in Ireland and is the most recent outdoor assignment that I’ve done for this course.

I’m also sketching every day for Inktober at the moment so I’ll share those drawings probably at the end of the month once they’re all finished. You can also see my Inktober drawings on Instagram every day. At the same time I’ve been making some repeat patterns in Photoshop and Illustrator using some of the patterns I made for the 100 Day Project so that’s been keeping me quite busy.

I’m hoping to use some of my repeat patterns to create new products for my shop so I have a question for you: is there a particular drawing or pattern of mine that you’d like to see for sale in my shop? Let me know in the comments below, or send me an email.


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Sketching Churches

Sketches of St Giles Cripplegate

This week I’ve been working through the exercises from lesson 1 of Liz Steel‘s online course, SketchingNow Buildings. We’ve been exploring a few different ways of improving our observational skills, starting off with some indoor work using photos, before heading outside to sketch a building ‘in real life’, in this case (more…)

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How to Improve Your Drawing Skills


A friend recently mentioned to me that she had been working on her drawing skills and asked if I had any tips or suggestions of places to learn from, so I thought I’d share a more detailed answer here in case you were also wondering about this.

Before I start, though, I’d say the one thing that has helped me to build up my own drawing skills is simply (more…)

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More (and more) Patterns

Leaf and flower repeat pattern

This week I decided to make another pattern but rather than re-draw and re-colour things digitally I decided to use my artwork in its original ‘state’.

I made some new drawings in my sketchbook over the weekend and the beginning of this week. Then I learned a bit more about Photoshop and Illustrator, which meant that I could (more…)

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