Portfolio Building and New Items in the Shop


At the beginning of this month my friend Marissa and her friend Heather announced that they were going to be sharing drawing prompts each week and anyone was welcome to join in. Each month has a theme – January’s theme is ‘hygge’ – and each week there are 3 prompts within that theme. So I’m joining in with this as a way to build up my portfolio and perhaps create some new work to share with you in my Etsy shop.

This week I’ve only managed to finish one of my illustrations so far but no doubt some weeks will be like that. This coffee illustration is from week one of the challenge and this, along with some of the others that I’ve made will be in my online portfolio for you to browse very soon.


In other news, I’m continuing to add some more products to my Etsy shop. So along with the new notebooks, this Sunshine original artwork is currently available for purchase. It’s A5 and painted in acrylic paints with Pigma Graphic pen for the outline. And there’s an A5 turquoise vine original illustration available to purchase as well.

I’m also offering some of my greeting cards as bundles, or sets, which save you some money. I’ve grouped together a few cards on the same ‘theme’ and given you a discount for buying them together.

There’ll be some more new stuff in my Etsy shop next week and of course, I’ve got all my other individual cards, prints and original work too. Do some shopping to brighten up this cold, grey January!

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