Urban Sketching: Smithfield

St Bartholomew the Great

Last Saturday I joined the London Urban Sketchers again for a day of sketching around Smithfield. It’s an area I know quite well but had never sketched there before. I met up with some friends and we spent the first part of the day drawing the gate that leads through to the grounds of St Bartholomew the Great Church (which I shared a photo of on this blog a few years ago) and the fountain in the courtyard of St Bart’s hospital (a sketch I still haven’t finished).

The Old Bailey

After meeting up with the whole group for the first photo we warmed up in a cafe and had some lunch before heading down the road to the Central Criminal Court, known as The Old Bailey, before heading back to see what everyone else had been sketching and take one last photo to document the day. I also found myself volunteering to help organise a sketchcrawl but that’s not until next year so there’ll be a few more outings before that one comes around.



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