73 Days of Pattern Making


I’m 73 days into the 100 Day Project, during which (if you didn’t already know) I’m creating a pattern every day for 100 days in my pocket watercolour Moleskine sketchbooks. Today is day 74 but before I make a start on my pattern for today I thought I’d share what I’ve created so far all in one place.

The pattern at the top of this post is an extra ‘bonus’ pattern that I made and gave away to an Instagram follower to celebrate me reaching 1000 followers on Instagram. So there are 27 patterns still to go, which at this stage doesn’t feel very many.

Have you been taking part in the 100 Day Project? Are there any other creative challenges or projects that you’ve been taking part in recently?


6 thoughts on “73 Days of Pattern Making

  1. Aunty Ann Reply

    Which is your favourite? Can see some being translated into textile prints.
    I have a couple of ones which I prefer.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      I don’t think I’ve got one favourite but I quite like the orange circles on the 7th row down and the two most recent leaf patterns.

  2. Laura Carter Reply

    Love, LOVE, love your patterns!!!! Absolutely exquisite! So enjoy your blog!!
    Look forward to reading your posts …you inspire me to draw and paint and make things!!
    I have very little time to myself but I try and do some doodling and drawing/painting when I have a moment… Love to see what you are working on…

    On another note…. I have a question…
    Do you still take classes from Sketchbook Skool?
    Did you feel it was a good value for your money?
    How many of the different classes they offer did you participate in?
    I only did “Playing”…it was okay…but I wasn’t as inspired as I expected to be…
    Sometimes I think I should try again because I adore Danny Gregory and have some ‘ll his books which got me on this creative path that I am trying to find time for…
    I also have very limited funds…so I debate quite awhile before committing to classes and whatnot.
    I have done some classes through Carla Sonheim’s online site…and did enjoy those …but those can be pricey too…

    You should write a book! I would definitely buy it!

    Sorry to go on so long…
    Have a blessed day!

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Hi Laura. I’m really glad you enjoy my blog, it’s always nice to hear that someone finds it interesting or useful in some way. And I’m pleased to hear that you’re making time to do some drawing, even if for just a few minutes here an there – it all counts and soon adds up!

      I haven’t taken a Sketchbook Skool klass in a while now. I think the last one I signed up for was ‘Polishing’ but I never actually finished it. I’ve taken all of their classes apart from Playing and Draw it Like it’s Hot. I think they are reasonably good value for money but lately I’ve preferred the format of classes on Skillshare and Creative Bug, which both offer a monthly subscription that gives you access to all their courses, and I think that’s excellent value. There are some good Creative Bug classes with Lisa Congdon that you might want to look at, if you haven’t already. And I think CB have an offer where the first month’s free, and you can cancel at the end of that time without getting charged.

      Writing a book would be fun, although right now I don’t know what I would write an entire book about!

      No need to apologise for writing a lot! Have a good weekend :).

  3. Katrina Sophia Reply

    You’ve done so well!! I’ve really enjoyed following along, I especially like your printed ones and the textures that comes with it.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks Katrina! It’s surprised me how making a pattern every day has become something of a habit now. I’m glad you like the printed ones – I really enjoy making those too :).

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