7 Places to Find Inspiration for a Daily Creative Project


As you probably know, I’m taking part in the 100 Day Project at the moment, which basically involves choosing a creative project to work on every single day for 100 days.

I’m creating a pattern every day in a pocket-sized Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. This is the longest daily project I’ve worked on and I’m about half way through it so I thought I’d share a few tips for how to find and keep note of ideas.

Although my ways of finding inspiration have been about finding and creating patterns but I hope that you’ll be able to apply some of my ideas to other creative projects too.

Sometimes I won’t know what pattern I’m going to make until I sit down and start doing it but sometimes I just get stuck, and that’s when it can be helpful to have a bank of inspiration to pull from.

So the main places I’ve been getting ideas are: more “7 Places to Find Inspiration for a Daily Creative Project”