Unused But Now Loved

Sketchbook Gellyroll Pen and Green Uniball Pen

A couple of years ago I took the first ever Sketchbook Skool kourse – ‘Beginning’, when it was still the only SBS kourse. One of my favourite klasses in that kourse was taught by Tommy Kane, who produces some incredible drawings using a pen, watercolour paints and coloured pencils.

He mentioned that his favourite pen was the Uniball Vision, which I discovered is called the Uniball Eye in the UK, so I bought a couple to try out. They give a nice, juicy black line and are waterproof so are great for the way I usually draw, although I tend to favour Micron pens most of the time.

When I bought those Uniball pens I also got a couple in other colours – green and light blue – but I’ve never really used them. They just never seemed quite right for whatever I was drawing.

Later on I bought 3 white Gelly Roll pens, again because of Sketchbook Skool and a discussion there about drawing with white pens on toned/coloured paper. I also saw some of Lisa Congdon’s work on Instagram where she used this particular brand. Again, I didn’t really get along with them. Until very recently.

My most recent patterns have involved me laying down watercolour as a background and using the white Gelly Roll pens to draw a pattern on top and I really like the effect I’m getting with that approach.

This morning I sat down not really knowing what pattern I was going to make but made a green watercolour background and added a white scallop pattern with a Gelly Roll pen. It seemed to need something else so I walked away from it for a couple of minutes and when I sat back down I spotted my green Uniball pen, so I picked it up and added some extra details to my pattern which seemed to work really well.

Uniball Pens

I’ve dug out my light blue and black Uniballs so I can try them out over the next week or so, and while I was out this afternoon I popped into Paperchase and added to my collection with a few more colours.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what effect these pens have on my patterns over the coming days and weeks, and I’m feeling quite excited to have found a new fondness for some of my art kit that’s just been lurking around unused for so long.

Have you got any tools or materials that you’ve not used in a long time that could add an extra dimension to the creative work you’re doing right now?

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