On the Way to 100 Patterns

Leaf Pattern

At the moment I’m working every day on creating a pattern for the 100 Day Project. Each day I sit down with my pocket-sized Moleskine sketchbook and some paints, sometimes a pen and just see what happens.

Multicoloured spot pattern

Sometimes it’s quick and simple.

Bee Pattern

Sometimes I use old drawings as a basis for something new.

Circles Pattern

Other times I might be inspired by something I’ve seen in a Youtube video,

Yellow Circles Pattern

the weather,

Tile Pattern

by things I see when I’m walking around outside,

White Blocks Pattern

or even just the view from my window.

Giant Chevron Pattern

I’m only 17 days in, so I have no idea what 100 patterns is going to look like but I’m hoping that I can keep creating something new each day.

Confetti Pattern

I’ll keep you updated here and you can see all the patterns I’ve made so far – and all the rest as I post them each day – on Instagram.

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