Finishing Touches and Playing With Colour

Line drawing of St Pauls Cathedral

At the end of last week I finished the 20 Minutes a Day Challenge. I drew for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks, and added 9 new drawings to my sketchbook, including this one of St Paul’s Cathedral.

I also made a start on a 10th drawing which I finished on Monday this week (and I spent a bit longer than 20 minutes doing that).

Working for only 20 minutes each day was a challenge because I have a tendency to push myself. Sometimes I push myself too much and either get exhausted, or bored, of what I’m doing, which often means that I don’t draw every single day. But working for 20 minutes and making sure that I stopped when my timer rang meant that I had energy (and enthusiasm) to spare, so I didn’t lose momentum.

Watercolour drawing of Louise Pentland

As well as finishing the drawing I started on Friday, this week I cracked open my watercolours after not using them in a while.

I was looking through Instagram on Tuesday evening and spotted a photo of Louise (a.k.a Sprinkle of Glitter) which really caught my eye. My first thought was that I wanted to draw it, so that’s what I did yesterday, using pencil and watercolour, which was a nice change from the black and white ink drawings I’d made over the previous 2 weeks.

My friend, the very talented photographer Joy, mentioned on Facebook today that when taking photographs ‘sometimes you find the picture, and sometimes the picture finds you’. I’m not sure if I just happened to find Louise’s photo of if that photo found me, but either way it was fun to draw.


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