Finishing Touches and Playing With Colour

Line drawing of St Pauls Cathedral

At the end of last week I finished the 20 Minutes a Day Challenge. I drew for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks, and added 9 new drawings to my sketchbook, including this one of St Paul’s Cathedral.

I also made a start on a 10th drawing which I finished on Monday this week (and I spent a bit longer than 20 minutes doing that).

Working for only 20 minutes each day was a challenge because I have a tendency to push myself. Sometimes I push myself too much and either get exhausted, or (more…)

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Working at a Gentler Pace

Line Drawings

In January, even though I was feeling quite low in energy, I took part in a drawing challenge with Lisa Congdon, where I drew every single day of the month. Around the same time I also took an intensive online course with Lisa, over 3 days. Once January was over there was a short break before the new Sketchbook Skool kourse started, which was fun but lots of work too.

At the same time I was working on getting things ready for my new Etsy shop, which opened at the beginning of March. So although winter is a low energy time of year for me, I was doing quite a lot of creative work.

This week I’ve relaxed into a gentler pace, thanks to (more…)

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Affordable Original Art

Watercolour print of cakes

A few weeks ago I had some of my drawings digitally printed, and at the end of last week I opened the doors to my brand new Etsy shop.

Over time, I’m hoping to expand the range of things I sell but right now there are 7 different A5-sized (210mm x 148mm, or approximately 5.83 inches x 8.27 inches) digital prints of my drawings for sale, including the one at the top of this post.

4 prints are of watercolour drawings from my sketchbooks, and the other (more…)

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Big Art in Tiny Steps


The ‘Expressing’ kourse with Sketchbook Skool ended last week and the final week was taught by my friend Michael Nobbs. I had been really looking forward to Michael’s klass and it didn’t disappoint.

Michael encouraged us to go on regular ‘tiny adventures’ to the same place, either at home or somewhere outside, with the intention of (more…)

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