Flying Machines and Tiny Changes

Blue rocket print

Last week I made some more prints for Penelope Dullaghan‘s Sketchbook Skool klass. The first is a rocket made using an oil paint transfer technique.

Hot air balloon print

The second one of a hot air balloon I made using an acetate stencil and the same blue ink pad that I used for my lino print pigeon. The white lines are white Gelly Roll pen.

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a Creative Links post last week, and that was because I wasn’t feeling too well. My health and energy have been quite low since the start of the year so I’ve decided to aim for one blog post each week for now.

I may increase that to two again at some point, and my links posts may return when my energy’s a bit more stable, but for now this feels like the right decision. Taking that tiny bit of pressure off myself also means I can focus the energy I do have on things that feel more important at the moment, like my own creative work and, of course, extra rest and relaxation.

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