A Day in the Life Infographic

Day in the life infographic

I got a bit behind with Sketchbook Skool last week so I finished my assignment for Jill’s klass on Monday. It was a tiny accordion book, which you can have a look at on my Instagram. I also took an impromptu week off blogging because I wasn’t feeling all that well and had a few behind the scenes things to sort out – it’s been a slow start to 2016!

This week’s klass is with the brilliant Sabine Wisman. She set us 2 homework assignments and the main one was to produce an infographic. I decided to make mine a ‘day in the life’.

There’s no such thing as a typical day in my life because each day varies according to (among other things) my energy levels, what day of the week it is, whether I’m alone or with other people and what time of year it is.

So I just kept note of what I did on Tuesday and used that as the basis for my infographic. This is my new Strathmore 8.5” x 5’5” watercolour art journal. I used watercolours for the background and a few of the details, Micron pens to draw the outlines and Copic Markers for most of the colouring in.

By the way, you may or may not have noticed that my blog now lives at cathrynworrell.com (which is what I was working on during my week off last week) so please update any bookmarks or RSS feeds (I’m sorting out Bloglovin as we ‘speak’).

Other than the address, everything is still the same here. If you spot any problems with links please let me know, and if you’ve recently emailed me from the contact page and haven’t had a reply, please try again because my email address has also updated.


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