I mentioned last week that as the days have been getting cooler and darker, I’ve found myself slowing down a bit too. Some days more than others, but in general at this time of year I seem to do less drawing and take fewer photos.

That said, I’m still trying to stay creative most days, and often (but not always) that does involve drawing. Today I wanted to draw but didn’t know what to draw.

I’ve not been feeling well this week so I haven’t been out much, and that often makes it more difficult to feel inspired when my surroundings seem ordinary and mundane. Sometimes I just draw what’s right in front of me but I’m using the prompts from the Every Day Matters Facebook group to inspire me when I feel a bit stuck.

A few months ago I re-took a photograph class taught by my friend Joy and at the start of the class we shared why we wanted to take better photographs. One of the things I mentioned was that it can be difficult to spot a photograph when you’re in the same place(s) doing the same things every day, so I appreciate the encouragement to look for a photo in what can seem to be a messy, ordinary life.

It’s the same with drawing. I remembered today what Koosje wrote last week about how the everyday stuff is still worth drawing. Not every sketch has to be meaningful, but all day we’re surrounded by things that are worth recording because they are there and are in our lives.

Do you find it difficult to stay inspired when you’re in the same place(s) every day? Or are you able to easily spot (and feel that you want to record) the beauty in the ordinary, everyday stuff?