Itching to Start Something New

Woman on steps

I’ve been drawing nothing but people (one each day) for almost 2 months now. I decided to carry on with that ‘self assignment’ (to use Fabio Consolli‘s words) after Drawing August ended and until my current sketchbook was filled.

Coincidentally, it seems that my sketchbook will be full on 30th September, so I’ll have 2 full months-worth of people drawings in one book by the end of this month.

Over the past week or so I’ve been adding extra details to my drawings, just to ground the people on the page a bit more and give a more context. I’ve also been considering drawing people from real life but still haven’t managed that for one reason or another, and I know it’s unrealistic for me to, for example, plan to draw a person from real life every single day during October.

I’m starting to find myself itching a bit to start something different from what I’m doing right now. I really want to use watercolours again and I’ve got plans for a travel sketch journal too. My thoughts aren’t very clear right now but hopefully once October comes around I’ll have a better idea of what I’m going to do next.

I read something recently by Leo Babauta about how learning new things involves pushing yourself to just outside your comfort zone and staying there through the discomfort until the thing you’re learning becomes easier. As you improve you’ll start to settle into a new comfort zone, and that’s when it can be good to move on to the next uncomfortable place, nudging yourself to learn something else new. And this way your learning sort of evolves.

It feels a bit like that’s what’s happening with me and drawing right now. Choosing one thing to work on exclusively and then moving on to something new is really helping me to develop my drawing style and confidence. It’s also resulting in a respectable body of work too.

And now I’m curious to see where I’ll head next. I hope you’ll come along with me to find out!

2 thoughts on “Itching to Start Something New

  1. Katrina Sophia Reply

    Excited to see what’s next for you! Doing something totally out of our comfort zones is always great for our creativity.

    Katrina Sophia

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