Creative Links 39: The Queen in Art, Slow Photography and Sketchbook Binding

Postman's Park Trees and Buildings

Every week I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed online. More often than not they’re articles, blog posts, images or videos to do with creativity, although there’ll often be one or two other things thrown in. Here’s my selection for this week. Enjoy!

  • This week the Queen celebrated being the longest reigning monarch in the UK and I love this street art tribute.
  • Photographer, Nick Nixon explains the advantages of working slowly, exploring one theme in some depth before moving on to something else.
  • I keep thinking and talking about it but I still haven’t had a go at binding my own sketchbook. The Sketchbook Skool blog suggest 5 reasons why it might be something worth doing.
  • If, like me, you’re an introverted person you may enjoy this article by Susan Cain about How to Overcome the Fear of ‘Putting Yourself Out There’.
  • Danny Gregory explains, with his usual humour (and the help of his dogs), how to develop regular creative habits in three easy steps.

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