Creative Links 38: Drawing People, Drawing Monsters and a Skyline at Sunset.

Beach at Sunset

Every week I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed online over the past few days. Here’s my selection for this week – enjoy!

  • Throughout August I drew a person every day (and I’m still going with that project). My friend Marigold also joined in with Drawing August this year and I really liked her approach.
  • As I continue with my people drawings, I may have to get a copy of Jason Polan’s book, which was reviewed on Parka Blogs recently.
  • Thanks to Michael Nobbs for highlighting this beautiful and touching essay about how technology can bring people closer in spite of geographical distances (have some tissues ready for this one).
  • I love these cute monster drawings by Stefan Hingûkk that are created from coffee stains.
  • I’m a huge fan of all of Vivienne Gucwa’s photographs but this week the one that stood out for me was this picture of the New York skyline at sunset.

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