People Drawings

11 days in to Drawing August and I think I’m slowly starting to get into the swing of drawing a person each day. I’m still using just photos for reference and haven’t reached the point of braving the outdoors to draw a real life, moving person yet.

I’ve also noticed that I’m developing a preference for the materials I use for this project. I seem to be sticking to pens and using a limited colour palette on each picture, which is a change from my usual watercolour drawings, but it helps with keeping things simple. The black and white ink drawings remind me of the ones I made two years ago for the first Drawing August.

Obviously, these aren’t all the drawings I’ve done so far this month but scanning takes a bit of time and I’m sharing all my drawings on Twitter and Instagram so you can find the rest of them there.

A bonus of this drawing challenge is that I’m going through lots of my digital photos to find pictures of people and it’s reminding me to do regular back ups of all of my photos, something I started doing a while ago but never finished.

Do you ever find that one ‘project’ leads to another (and maybe another)?