Every week I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed, found interesting or useful online. Here’s this week’s selection – I hope you find something you enjoy!

  • If you’re trying to get inspired, Katrina recommends doing something new, and gives some examples of new things you might want to try.
  • I’m still drawing a person a day throughout August, and Andrea Joseph, along with her friend Emily, is drawing 100 bicycles for an exhibition in September.
  • Crystal Moody explains that, when someone compliments you on your work by describing you as gifted, it misses the point because it’s not a gift.
  • Dan Peterson’s account (in words and sketches) of his time on board HMS Bulwark as it went on a mission to rescue migrants at sea is fascinating.
  • I love this short animation by Romy Yao, where she describes and compares her two grandmothers.