Watercolour drawing of shopkeeper

As I mentioned last week, I’m taking part in the Twitter-based Drawing August challenge for the third year running.

To be able to draw every single day, I’ve been finding that setting some boundaries for myself has been helpful. Last August I decided that, unlike the previous year, I would make things more manageable by keeping my daily drawings very tiny. That still left me with the choice of what I was going to draw each day, though.

So this year, like I’ve done recently with my 30 day drawing challenges, I’ve set myself a specific topic. As I said last week, I’m going to be drawing a person every day during August because I want to become more confident with drawing figures.

So far I’ve been using photographs for reference and I did the drawing at the top of this post using a picture from the New York Public Library digital collections. The others I’ve done using my own photographs but I also want to try going outside and drawing real life, moving people again, because that’s something I find really tricky.

After doing the drawing at the top of this post, I realised that I also needed to keep things fairly simple and straightforward. With this first drawing, I sketched it in pencil, went over in ink and then coloured it with watercolours, and also included quite a lot of stuff in the background. It was really time-consuming and that’s not something I can commit to doing every single day.

My other drawings have been done directly in ink and not all of them are coloured in, so that makes things a bit quicker. I’m interested to try different styles and mediums this month and just play around a bit more with my drawings.

If you want to join in with Drawing August there’s still time (just contact Jean Stevens and ask to be added to the list) and if not, just go and have a look at the wide range of drawings people are making for this challenge by searching for the #drawingaugust hashtag on Twitter. I think you’ll find something that you like.