Get Better at Drawing By Drawing!

Sketches of people

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I might start my next daily project at the beginning of August and let it run for a calendar month, rather than just 30 random days.

What had slipped my mind is that Drawing August is starting soon and I’m planning on taking part for the third time. So that’s where some of my structure and motivation will come from over the next month.

If you’re not sure what Drawing August is, it’s a drawing challenge organised by Jean Stevens. Each year, through Twitter, a group of artists, sketchers and anyone who fancies a challenge comes together to do one drawing a day during August and share it on Twitter using the hashtag #drawingaugust. Jean keeps a list on her blog of all the participants to help us keep track of one another’s work and the drawings can be of anything and done in any style or medium.

Last year I chose to do one tiny drawing per day using a grid layout in my sketchbook because I’d found doing a large sketch every day a bit overwhelming the year before. This year I’m thinking about drawing a person or people every day. Drawing people is something I’d like to get better and more confident with, so the only way I know how to do that is to actually get on and do it. And not just once, but every single day.

Maybe I’ll change my mind over the next couple of days but if not, I’ll be drawing a person a day for 31 days in August. It feels a bit daunting but maybe that’s a sign that it’s nudging me out of my comfort zone, which could be a good thing.

Do you ever purposely work outside your comfort zone? How and why? Do you find it useful or not?


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