Sketchbook Patterns and Craving Structure

Watercolour background and ink drawing

Since I finished my last 30 day project I’ve felt like the fear of the blank page has crept back in a little bit. I’m missing having some kind of structure to the creative work I do and without it I put off doing any at all, or somehow convince myself that I can’t do it because everyone else is so much better at drawing or taking photographs than I am.

So today I decided to give myself a bit of structure again and signed up for Lisa Congdon’s Sketchbook Explorations class on Creative Bug. What I like about it is that it’s a really short course so it’s easy to complete in one day if you want to. And it’s all about (as the title suggests) experimenting and playing in your sketchbook, which is what I think I’m in need of right now. The class is also self-paced so you can work through it as quickly or slowly as your choose.

With both of my 30 day projects I don’t think I ever felt under pressure or like I ‘had’ to produce a drawing every day. It was more a little motivator or reminder to encourage me to draw. Without that it becomes easy to over think things and ultimately end the day without drawing anything at all. Having a new drawing in my sketchbook at the end of the day makes me feel like I’ve moved forwards a bit and been productive.

How do you deal with the ‘fear’ of creating? What do you do to feel motivated or inspired when things feel a bit ‘stuck’?

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Patterns and Craving Structure

  1. Joy @ Joyfully Green Reply

    We’re so similar in our creative thinking, Cathryn. Sometimes I feel stuck as well. What I’ve been trying to do lately when I feel stuck is to stop feeling like I need to produce something and instead go out and get visually stimulated. I’ve been exploring the idea of satisfying my visual hunger–with movies, with art, with just looking around at nature, without the self-imposed “push” of needing to create. I feel like that frees me up, because I don’t like pushing of any type, especially when I push too hard on myself. I feel like a blog post is burbling up in there…so thanks for inspiring ME!

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Wise words Joy, as usual! I also try not to push things too much because it’s just a way of being hard on yourself, which is never a good thing – and I sometimes wonder if the feeling that you need to push yourself might actually be a sign that you should slow down. I agree that getting out and looking at other things is a brilliant way of getting inspired. Look forward to reading your blog post ;)!

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