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Flower Collage

Last week I finished my 30 days of flower drawings. Right now I’m not working on another 30 day challenge. I’m still drawing almost every day but I thought I’d take a breather for now and see what ideas I come up with and what feels right for me to do next.

Maybe I’ll start another project at the beginning of August so it can run for a calendar month but we’ll see how things go.

Crystal Moody’s blog post that I shared in my latest Creative Links has really stuck with me. Like her, I’ve found that the actual creative work is generally easy to do every single day without a break. Even on days when I’ve had lower energy I’ve still been able to draw for a short time.

If I’d planned to post each drawing on my blog every day, though, I think I would have exhausted myself quite quickly so just sharing some drawings, or drawings in progress, on Instagram has worked well. It’s a simpler and easier way to share my work

On a slightly different note, I feel like I’ve seen enough flowers for the moment and don’t really want to draw another one for a while now!

Do you find that your creative work is something that’s easy to do every single day or do you need to take a break every so often to avoid exhausting yourself?

5 thoughts on “Daily Creativity

  1. Kymberly Reply

    Gorgeous flower collection!

    I find this with writing. I can find the energy and inspiration to write at least 750 words each day no matter how I’m feeling, but not at all if I force myself to publish something *every* day.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks Kymberly! I suspect the clue is in the word you used there: ‘forced’. No matter what it is we do each day, if it feels like a chore and like we have to make ourselves do it then I guess it’s always going to be hard work, which will feel tiring. Finding the work that comes naturally to us and doesn’t drain us of energy is probably the key don’t you think?

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