Flower Collage

Last week I finished my 30 days of flower drawings. Right now I’m not working on another 30 day challenge. I’m still drawing almost every day but I thought I’d take a breather for now and see what ideas I come up with and what feels right for me to do next.

Maybe I’ll start another project at the beginning of August so it can run for a calendar month but we’ll see how things go.

Crystal Moody’s blog post that I shared in my latest Creative Links has really stuck with me. Like her, I’ve found that the actual creative work is generally easy to do every single day without a break. Even on days when I’ve had lower energy I’ve still been able to draw for a short time.

If I’d planned to post each drawing on my blog every day, though, I think I would have exhausted myself quite quickly so just sharing some drawings, or drawings in progress, on Instagram has worked well. It’s a simpler and easier way to share my work

On a slightly different note, I feel like I’ve seen enough flowers for the moment and don’t really want to draw another one for a while now!

Do you find that your creative work is something that’s easy to do every single day or do you need to take a break every so often to avoid exhausting yourself?