Get Better at Drawing By Drawing!

Sketches of people

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I might start my next daily project at the beginning of August and let it run for a calendar month, rather than just 30 random days.

What had slipped my mind is that Drawing August is starting soon and I’m planning on taking part for the third time. So that’s where some of my structure and motivation will come from over the next month.

If you’re not sure what Drawing August is, it’s more “Get Better at Drawing By Drawing!”

Sketchbook Patterns and Craving Structure

Watercolour background and ink drawing

Since I finished my last 30 day project I’ve felt like the fear of the blank page has crept back in a little bit. I’m missing having some kind of structure to the creative work I do and without it I put off doing any at all, or somehow convince myself that I can’t do it because everyone else is so much better at drawing or taking photographs than I am.

So today I decided to more “Sketchbook Patterns and Craving Structure”