2 Drawings

I’ve been playing around with a few different art materials and styles this week. The other day I felt like drawing a portrait and I’d just been reading about the Barbara Hepworth exhibition at the Tate so I found a photo of her online and used that for reference.

Barbara Hepworth sketch

I didn’t have much expectation about how it would turn out or what style of drawing I would use but I ended up keeping fairly close to the original photograph so it was more of an observational drawing.

I used my Daler Rowney watercolour travel sketchbook, pencil to sketch the outline and I coloured it with watercolour paint.

Face illustration

Since my doodles last week I’ve also been trying out a style of drawing that’s perhaps closer to illustration or cartoon drawing than a lot of my work. This involved lots of pencil scribbles and experiments before I came up with something that I was happy with. The paper I used for the final drawing is from a Daler Rowney sketchbook that has perforated pages. The paper’s quite thin but it’s really smooth and worked quite well with the pens I chose.

I need to remember in future to add the outlines after colouring in because even though my pen is water proof, it isn’t Copic marker-proof.

Sepia Watercolour pan

For the Barbara Hepworth sketch I used Winsor and Newton watercolour paint in Sepia.

Copic marker colours

For the ‘cartoon’ style illustration I used Copic Ciao markers in B00, C1, Y11, E00 and RV000.

I hope you enjoyed these sketches and the contrasting styles. Let me know what you think (and which you prefer) in the comments below.