Daily Drawings and Thoughts about Creative Habits

Rosebud and Poppies drawings

I’ve been drawing every single day for 37 days now. Thirty days of drawing faces and now I’m aiming to draw 30 flowers in 30 days.

Still having a boundary or a limit of what I’m going to draw each day is helping me to keep going. I’ve added watercolours in this month, rather than using just a pen so that makes things a bit more challenging, but so far so good.

At the same time, I’m trying to limit my drawing/painting time to around 20 minutes each day in an attempt to stop myself trying to make each drawing ‘perfect’.

So far I’ve used photographs to draw from and mostly I’ve made observational drawings, but the poppies above are a bit different. I used photographs of poppies as a point of reference to make a more stylised drawing. I think that might be a good way to simplify things on days when I have less time or energy to spend on a drawing – a bit like how I drew quick, blind self portraits on low energy days last month.

It’s interesting what comes out of a simple daily practice but I’m already thinking ahead to my next 30 day project. I’m thinking of a theme and what materials I might use, but also how I might plan my time differently so that I can continue my regular drawing habit while giving myself a bit more breathing space.

Maybe I’ll take weekends off and maybe I’ll spend a bit more time on each drawing. I’m not sure yet. I’m trying to take things a day at a time and perhaps when these 30 days are over I’ll have a clearer idea of what to do next.

Do you have a regular creative process/habit? How do you fit it into your day? Do you plan it or does it just ‘evolve’ naturally?

2 thoughts on “Daily Drawings and Thoughts about Creative Habits

  1. Alison Clayton-Smith Reply

    The poppies are beautiful. Sounds like you’ve got some really useful ideas on how to keep the drawing going. I want to add some visual art practice back into my days but still looking at how to do this in a very low energy way. However I’m really pleased that I’m keeping on with my current writing project on the blog. I aimed for at least one post a week but am managing most days. The key has been being able to split the tasks. So I take a photo on the daily walks. It mulls around at the back of my mind. In the evening I write just a few short lines of prose/poetry. Then the following day I add it to the blog, using a set format which makes it super-quick. And it’s definitely reawakened my creative mind.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks Alison. It sounds like you’ve built up a really workable routine for your writing and having the photos as part of it means you also have some visual practice going on at the same time. It’s interesting how, once you start doing something creative on a regular basis, it sparks lots of other thoughts, ideas and questions, isn’t it?

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