Creative Links #25: Fast Drawings, Small Steps and Finding Your Purpose

Footpath and Trees

Every week I share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed online. Here’s this week’s selection:

2 thoughts on “Creative Links #25: Fast Drawings, Small Steps and Finding Your Purpose

  1. Bethany @ Online Therapy and Coaching Reply

    I loved the post about how you’ll never be perfect. I think perfectionism is something we do when we’re afraid of making mistakes. But trial-and-error is how we inherently learn, so a life without mistakes could be a life without learning!

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Absolutely! I’ve read in lots of places about how it’s not important what you choose to do creatively. To avoid freezing and procrastinating, you just need to pick something (anything!) and do it. If it turns out later on that you’d rather do something else, then you can change direction but in the meantime, you’re playing and trying things out so still making progress.

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