How Creative Habits Can Become Second Nature


Last week I noticed that drawing every single day got me thinking ahead to future daily drawing projects that I might want to start when this one is finished.

Since then, I’ve tried to avoid getting carried away with over thinking things and have just been taking things one day, and one drawing, at a time. And I’ve noticed something else happening this week more “How Creative Habits Can Become Second Nature”

Daily Drawings and Thoughts about Creative Habits

Rosebud and Poppies drawings

I’ve been drawing every single day for 37 days now. Thirty days of drawing faces and now I’m aiming to draw 30 flowers in 30 days.

Still having a boundary or a limit of what I’m going to draw each day is helping me to keep going. I’ve added watercolours in this month, rather than using just a pen so that makes things a bit more challenging, but so far so good.

At the same time, I’m trying to more “Daily Drawings and Thoughts about Creative Habits”