My Current Love-Hate Relationship With Spirals

Bookshelves drawing

Sketchbook Skool’s ‘Stretching’ klass is in its 6th and final week but I’m still working through things from week 5. This drawing was the first assignment, which teacher, Miguel Herranz, calls a ‘spiral drawing’.

The idea is to choose a scene to draw, preferably something complex and detailed and choose one feature to place at the centre of your page. From there you continue to add details, working around the starting point , slowly spiralling out to fill the page.

I really enjoyed this technique as a way to tackle quite a daunting drawing, without getting too bogged down in one section. It kind of means that you give more or less equal attention and energy to the whole drawing, which I think helps it feel more cohesive than it might otherwise.

So I enjoyed spiral drawing. What I’m not enjoying quite so much is my spiral bound sketchbook. I love the size and the paper but it’s not really possible to scan so I’m having to photograph the drawings from that book that I post on here. This one’s a bit wonky but I’m not letting myself worry about that.

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