Face Your Fear and Draw it Anyway

sketchbook drawings of two faces

Fabio Consoli was last week’s teacher at Sketchbook Skool. I found his assignments a bit of struggle but did complete one of the two.

One thing that he also suggested was something called a ‘self assignment’. He explained (similarly to Michael Nobbs) that it’s helpful to break down larger, longer term projects into smaller pieces so that it’s possible to do a little work each day and keep making steady progress.

This also reminded me of something Lisa Congdon writes about in Art Inc.. She recommends setting intermediate goals and breaking them down into actionable tasks that you can work on regularly.

Motivated by Fabio’s klass I decided that I wanted to get better and more confident at drawing faces, so I’ve set that as a goal for 30 days and each day I’ll draw a face in my pocket-sized Leuchtturm sketchbook. I’ve numbered the pages in advance so I can keep all 30 portraits together and still use the remaining pages for other drawings in the meantime.

I’m 9 days into this little project and I’m choosing all kinds of faces and approaches. So far the only pen I’ve been using is a Unipin but I’ve drawn from photographs in magazines and online – politicians in the news, actors in TV shows that I watch, teachers at Sketchbook Skool.

I’ve also done a few self portraits, including a continual line contour portrait and a blind portrait, which aren’t great drawings but they’re fun and are good exercises to help my hand-eye co-ordination. They’re also quick to do, so great for days when I don’t have a lot of time or energy.

What creative projects could/do you work on in small, daily steps?

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